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The Mindfulness Effect

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

When we unlock our natural skill to be present in each moment, we unlock new meaning in our life.

To savour the soft whisper of your child’s breath as she sleeps, to delight in the unnoticed moments of silence in the day, to find beauty in normality when all around you are blinded by the lights, each moment of our lives is transformed into something more than life as we once knew it.

Life as we were content to know, as we were taught and led to know. When we unlock that magic within, the addiction of clarity and peace takes hold, and we become more than we knew was inside.

We become love. We become smell and sight and sound and taste and touch and conception. We become the world around us. We become more than ourselves. We become.

Once we find the love within each part of our existence, once we start to appreciate the here and now-ness of each moment, our experience is magnified and we are reborn. Our fears quieting, our joys amplified, and us ourselves growing in our conscious state, walking in peace and holding onto each grain as it passes through the hourglass.

Life is fleeting. Moments are just that. Do we really have any time to waste?

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