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Haeundae Course

Tour Course Overview



Take a relaxing nature walk around Haeundae Beach and Dongbaek Island, indulge in the healing properties of the forest and ocean, learn about Busan’s old and modern history, and soothe your mind and soul with a peaceful guided meditation. 


Tour Location: Meeting Point on Haeundae Beach > Haeundae beach > Dongbaek Island > APEC House > Haeparang Gil Coastal Walk > Haeundae Beach > Meeting Point on Haeundae Beach


Included: Tea/Coffee, Audio Player & Headphones Rental, Small Mat Rental (for meditation)

Course:       Haeundae/Dongbaek Island

Price:           $40.00 Per Person (Regular Price)        

Guests:       10 people

Duration:    3 hours


Program Description


Meet & Greet - 10 minutes


Meet your tour guide and fellow participants at the meeting point on Haeundae Beach, have some mindful discussion getting to know the group and find out more about what you’ll be doing on the tour. Our WellMi Wellness Tour Guide will give a short introduction on mindfulness, and how you can incorporate it into your experience, as well as some of the spots you’ll be visiting on your tour for the morning. 


Nature Walk & Guided Tour - 70 minutes 


Set off on your wellness tour! Walk along the sandy beach-side promenade towards Dongbaek Island with your group while your WellMi instructor shares some interesting tales about Haeundae… Learn about Haeundae’s old and new history, stop to take some beautiful pictures and enjoy the view of the deep, blue ocean. 

When you arrive at the base of Dongbaek Island, take a gentle hike to the Choi Chi Won memorial statue and see the beautifully crafted traditional pagoda at the top of the hill. Spend some time enjoying the silence before you descend the large, stone steps down the other side of the island. You’ll be met with sprawling views of the ocean, a charming lighthouse and observation decks for the perfect Insta-worthy shot! 


Head into the APEC Nuri Maru House, the location of the 2005 World APEC Summit, and take in the magnificent architecture and design while looking around at your own comfortable pace. Enter to the right and sign the electronic guest book, walk through into the APEC photo gallery, APEC memorabilia display, and then the famous 2005 APEC Summit Conference Hall. Meet your guide on the 1st floor and head to the garden for your mindful meditation. 


Mindfulness Meditation - 25 Minutes


Gather at a spot with the rest of your group where your WellMi Instructor will start off your relaxation with some calm breathing techniques, while you enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and healing properties of the greenery and the ocean.

Follow through the breathing exercises into the guided meditation on your WellMi APP while you sit calmly in silence, relaxed, enjoying nature and being guided through the meditation on your headphones. 


Refreshments & Discussion - 25 Minutes 


After your meditation time, awaken slowly into your surroundings, feeling refreshed and calm, and follow your WellMi Instructor to the nearby cafe to enjoy some refreshments. Enjoy Korean tea (or coffee) and traditional Korean snacks while discussing anything from travel goals to spiritual awakening. Whatever you have on your mind, share your experiences and strengthen new bonds of friendship and connection, enjoying the positive energy flowing through your group. 


Free Time - 20 minutes


Take some free time to walk around and enjoy nature. Take pictures, go and find a quiet spot to meditate, sit on a solitary bench, or take a barefoot walk close-by. Our Wellmi Instructor will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about the course, other WellMi tours and events, or to simply help you discover something new about the beautiful and rich history of Korea. Meet back at the designated point for your return walk. (WellMi instructor will confirm time/meeting point on the day).


Coastal Nature Walk - Return Journey - 30 Minutes


Take a mindful and relaxing stroll back to Haeundae beach on the Haeparang Gil - The Blue Ocean Coastline Trail - while listening to our specially selected audio track on the WellMi APP. The sounds will help you connect deeply with your surroundings while the soothing voice on the track encourages you to be mindful of the colours, smells, sights and energy around you. Feel the ground beneath your feet, the wind in your hair and hopefully even the spray of the ocean on your face.


Arriving at the end of the Haeparang Trail, take off your shoes and socks and walk across the soft sand of Haeundae beach. Are you brave enough to dip your toes? Feel the waves crash over your ankles, cooling and soothing your feet with natural, ocean minerals. Take in the sights and enjoy being connected to the land, aware of the here and now, relaxed and refreshed in the heart of the city. 


Follow your WellMi Instructor to the transport area where you can dry off your feet, reflect on the experience and then enjoy a relaxing journey back into the city and finally to wave bye-bye at your drop off point. 







“Remember that no matter where we are, whether surrounded by people or completely alone, 

now is the perfect time to be mindful.”




Additional Info:

Haeundae Beach is the arguably the most famous beach in Busan. The deep, white sandy beach is around 1.5km long, and stretches over a 30~50m wide area, making it popular for swimming and a Guinness world record holder for the number of beach umbrellas use in the summer. Locals and tourists flock to Haeundae Beach every summer. 

The beach is also a hotspot for various cultural events and festivals held throughout the year including world famous Busan International Film Festival. Other facilities in the area include Busan Aquarium, BEXCO, Dalmaji Hill, Marine City and more.

Dongbaekseom Island used to be an island, but is now part of the mainland. The area itself is quite small, but many dongbaek trees and evergreens thrive there. At the top of the island, you can see a statue and a monument of Choe Chi-Won, who famously named Haeundae as such after being blown away by the beauty of the landscape. Choe Chi-Won was a scholar and writer during the Silla Kingdom.The Busan Tourism Organization declared Dongbaekseom Island Tourist Site No.46. The Dongbaek Island coastline trail also offers a view of the famous mermaid statue near the beach, as well as the APEC Maru House - location of the 2005 World APEC Summit.


The Haeparang Trail is Korea's longest walking trail, stretching 770 kilometers from Busan in the south to Goseong in Gangwon-do Province in the north. The part of the trail used on this tour course takes you from Dongbaek Island around to Haeundae beachfront, right in front of the Westin Chosun Hotel - Busan’s first built luxury hotel.

Haeundae Course
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