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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: I don’t see anything that fits my requirements, wellness-wise. Do you have other workshops available?


A: Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our adaptability and dedication to our clients, so if you want something we haven’t featured on our website, contact us anytime and we can discuss a package that is perfect for you! No two workshops are the same, so we’re happy to work with you to create a bespoke wellness package that will suit your needs.


Q: Are the workshops only in English?


A: No! We run workshops in English or Korean, and sometimes a mixture of both - based on your preference - but most of the time workshops will be led by at least one native English speaker and one native Korean speaker. Most of our instructors are bi-lingual, so no worries!


Q: Do you have an office/studio?


A: No. All WellMi employees work remotely from home and travel to your location to deliver workshops and seminars. However we do partner with local organizations for various events and classes. You can find out more on our events page. 


Q: Can we take classes online?


A: Not yet, but our community wellness goal for 2020 is to create a series of online resources that you can watch, listen to, download and use conveniently at your own pace. We’re working on yoga and mindfulness meditation, in both English and Korean. Watch this space! 


Q: Can I download workplace wellness resources to use at my work without registering for a workshop?


A: No, not at this time. The beauty of a WellMi Workshop is the person-to-person element we bring to each individual session. Our trainers personally guide you through each section of the workshop, so delivery is clear, fun and impactful. For each workshop we develop materials specific to your needs, because everyone’s wellness journey is different. 

Q: Can I work with WellMi?


A: YES! If you are a certified instructor of a wellness-related discipline, we’d love to hear from you. We currently have a core team of instructors and staff members, but we’re always excited to make new connections in the wellness world. Drop us a line and let us know what you’re thinking!


Q: Do you provide other services like life coaching or mentoring?


A: Yes we do. Contact us for more information and to let us know what you’re looking for. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


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