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Nature Therapy & Hiking

Connect with your coworkers as you connect with nature. Program includes nature meditation, forest bathing and hiking. Contents vary depending on full day/half day program. 

3 - 6 hour program

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Nature Therapy & Team Building 

Give your next work meeting a wellness touch. Program includes nature meditation & team-building activities. Contents vary depending on full day/half day program. 

3 - 6 hour program

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Beach Yoga & Meditation

The perfect wellness experience to relieve stress and relax as you breathe deeply down by the sea. Includes ocean meditation, walking meditation and simple yoga flow. 

3 hour program


Employee work/life Balance & Mindfulness Workshop

This workshop uses a variety of mindfulness exercises, self-reflection, discussion and confidence building techniques to empower you to take control of your wellbeing at work and home. Contents can be crafted to your organizations' needs. 

3 - 6 hour program



Lifestyle Transformation & Mindfulness Workshop

Small changes lead to big changes! This workshop guides you step-by-step on how to develop better daily habits and create meaningful transformations to improve your performance at work, in your relationships and overall wellbeing. 

3 - 6 hour program

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Team Building & Communication Workshop

Teamwork makes the dream work! Spend a few hours getting to know your colleagues better. This workshop uses a variety of trust exercises, discussion groups and empathy building techniques to bring you closer to your team. 

3 - 6 hour program

The Wellness Revolution is Here


We live in a high-stress fast-paced world, suffering from burnout at work and home. Something needs to change, and WellMi can help.


WellMi provides specially developed, boutique wellness programs for business clients to enhance wellbeing within your organization, for your clients or on a 1-1 coaching basis. Our programs focus on MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction), resilience training, 'soft skill' cultivation and lifestyle transformation. We can help you discover how to increase productivity, reduce workplace stress and begin to cultivate a wellness culture within your organization.


Our convenient wellness programs will enhance your organization from the inside out, with each program specially tailored to your needs. 

So relax. You're in safe hands with us.

Why Choose WellMi?

We deliver seminars and workshops in the comfort of your office, off-site at hotels or in the majestic beauty of nature.


Our Workplace Wellness trainers will guide you through half-day, full day or 2 day workshops unique to your organizations' needs.


Whether its team building, staff training or a specialized workshop, WellMi always provides effective and enjoyable wellness solutions.

Your clients and staff will benefit from our options, boosting your organization’s reputation for client and employee focus, while giving you a unique and competitive advantage in the market.


Together, we can provide a complete solution for mind and body transformation. 

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